Eyes For The World Treats Visual Impairment To Restore Sight To Amazing People All Over The World.

Currently, we fund vision expeditions in 4 countries around the globe: El Salvador, Jamaica, India, and Ghana. With the support of the local government, and community we can provide comprehensive eye care to about 150 patients per day. Over the course of 5 days, 700+ patients are provided care by our volunteer team of optometrists, nurses and ophthalmologist. Eyes for the World provides the necessary resources each individual may need to better serve their daily life.



Eyes for the World optometrists volunteer their time and expertise to treat hundreds of patients in regions nominated and chosen in El Salvador. These optometrists treat patients alongside dozens of general practitioners, pediatricians, and pharmacists who are also donating their time for the mission. Eyes for the World provides eyeglasses and proper medication for the mission. We have visited the following villages/towns in El Salvador: Tamanique (2015), Comasagua (2016), San Pablo Tachachico (2017), and Tonacatepeque (2018) and treated 2,505 patients through these 4 expeditions. The 2019 mission was cancelled due to high risk advisory by the US Government.


Eyes for the World expedition in Jamaica is aimed at ensuring the accessibility of primary eye care in the areas of Jamaica that need it most. The entire Eyes for the World team of volunteers travelled to Montego Bay, Jamaica in 2016 to provide comprehensive eye exams, treatments for eye disease, eyeglasses for those who need them, and self-sustaining gravity fed water filters for disease prevention. The optometrists will identify and prepare patients that require cataract surgery, who will have surgery by our Eyes for the World volunteer opthamologist a few months after. Eyes for the World also works with the local community of doctors to provide an opportunity for the community to be self sustaining. Eyes for the World has partnered with the Canadian Vision Care charity (CVC) from Calgary, Albert and together have opened up a full serviced eye hospital, Community Vision Centre of Excellence in Montego Bay.


Eyes for the World team travelled to India and helped patients with preventable blindness in the most remote corners. A local team of Eyes of the World volunteers in India conducted a vision expedition from July 2018 to March 2019. The local volunteers and the volunteering optometrist from Canada supported a mega surgical camp in November 2018, where 742 cataract surgeries were performed over a course of a week. They supported the Lions club hospital in Adampur, in addition all patients received free food, medication and transportation by the team while being treated. The team went a step further and also provided Plus Opticx Eye Scanner For Children that detects any signs of requiring eye health care and determines if the child requires further treatment by an optometrist. This eye scanner allows volunteers to go into schools, and the most poverty-stricken rural areas of India to screen children.

Mission is set for April 2020 with FACE.